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Hidden Gem in Canggu – Oceans Villa

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It’s always been a pleasure coming back to Bali. In this trip I explored one of the small areas in Bali called Canggu. I didn’t do much research before, all I knew about Canggu was that it has so many hangout and surfing place. I didn’t think I would spend too much time around the area so I rented a very nice villa to spend the day.

It’s located in the center of Canggu, but I had to walk 100 metres into a small alley. It’s a bit hard to find especially at night, because the area had minimal lighting. But no worries, it’s all worth it at the moment you step into the Oceans Villa.


pool view

They only have three rooms for rent with a small shared pool right outside the room. Say yes to a rustic-boho style interior and you can basically see indoor plants in every corner of the room. One queen bed inside, wide glass sliding door covered up with curtains and an outdoor bathroom accompanied with all the bamboo walls and tropical trees, it is the perfect room for solo travelers or couples with a dream of summer vibes and laid back all day. The villa was designed by the owner himself – an architect from Spain.


You’ll find this villa very comfortable and homey, the owners work everyday, so I can do anything I want in the shared pool without feeling like I was being watched. How can I stop with all the insta-worthy splash pool area, a lean back lounge chair, surrounded by exotic trees and flowers. Let your cares float away, relax, take a deep breath, and drift into the blue sky. The villa creates the perfect space for enjoying a much welcomed break from the demands of everyday life.

relax unwind at canggu

drift in the blue


If you ever wonder how to find this villa, you can simply check Airbnb and search for Canggu, this villa was on the top list last time I checked. Although they are seizing all the fun and carefree side of people, I was spoiled with their comfy place that makes me want to stay longer and forget all of my routine. It is like the one place built and dedicated to granting people their freedom and leisure whenever they are inside.

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