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Love at First Sight with Puma Basket Heart

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I’m very careful when it comes to sneakers. My wardrobe only contains a handful of carefully selected sneakers which I like to wear not only for training & sports but also for casual events. So I tend to look for a mix between sporty and stylish. I personally like versatile sneakers with the right combination between masculine / boyish and feminine / cute.


Then I stumbled upon a friend’s social media post, which captivated me at first sight. It was the Puma Basket Heart Patent Leather Sneakers! She took the picture in Japan, but that didn’t stop me in my tracks to hunt them. I found the exact same sneakers in Zalora. I think this was the first time I bought a pair of shoes without thinking too much, because it’s such a perfect match for my needs!




This S/S 17 Puma Basket Heart comes with wide holes and 2 pairs of unique bowtie-shaped shoelaces, the normal woven one and the satin ribbon, which adds a feminine touch to the otherwise very masculine black sneakers. These 2 kinds of fabric definitely give a different nuances, stylish, check! sporty, check!


Two is better than one




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