Gissella Liu | Little Stabs by Patrick Owen F/W 2017
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Little Stabs by Patrick Owen F/W 2017

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It almost mid-year! It’s the time where fashion designers line up to show their Fall/Winter collections. One of them is Patrick Owen. He’s known with his modern eccentric cut and a touch of graphics on his design. For his F/W 2017 collection, he managed to transform the hall into an office of some sorts with a long, winding runway between rows of chairs for the audience. He placed some office equipments on the stage such as punch card machine, old computer, desk, photocopier and filing cabinet, with a pink background embellished with his signature “O” logo, which I think was quite playful. At the end of every catwalk, all the models have to punch their cards into the machine, just like every regular day at the office.



It was a pleasure to be invited to his fashion show at The Pallas in Fairgrounds, SCBD. “Little Stabs” is a collection of fashion for young, modern businessman & woman, maintaining both fashionable and professional look at the same time.

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