Gissella Liu | Uncle Tetsu : From Hakata to Jakarta
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Uncle Tetsu : From Hakata to Jakarta

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Every food with cheese is always a thing in Jakarta. Cheesecakes to be specific, has been absolutely hype lately since Pablo Cheese Tart opened its branch. Following the trend, there’s another cheesecake store that opened in Central Park Mall, Jakarta. It’s Uncle Tetsu! I’m always excited every time I see a Japanese brand opening in Jakarta, because they usually have good products and I love how Japanese package their products with proper design.



I heard the grand opening is a big success, they sold 1200 cakes only at IDR 8k each, and when I came there at the evening, it was already sold out. Then a week later I happen to have a chance to go to Central Park, and guess what? It was still crowded. I thought the promotion was already finished, but apparently they still have other sale and they were selling the cheesecakes for IDR 50k. Not that I mind paying the normal price for this lovely cake ;p too bad that every person can only buy a single cheesecake each.



Sorry if the shape was already a bit soggy, unfortunately I got the one with imperfect stamp and I took the picture 2 hours later, after I went to the cinema with friends.



By the time we finished our film, the cake was already wrinkly outside, but it was still firm inside and I could cut it into pieces perfectly. Their signature cheesecake is fluffy and super soft, even softer than spongecake, some say it tastes like a cotton candy. Personally, I’m not a dessert lover but this kind of dessert is something I can eat a whole one on my own, because it’s light and kind of savory.

FYI, Uncle Tetsu is now open in PIM 1 and they have launched their Baked Cheesetarts just yesterday.

See you in my next review!



Gissella Liu

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